Betting Products for Professional Traders

Do you spend hours upon hours researching the world’s football leagues only to come up short time after time?

Are you tired of seeing a favourite you thought was a “certainty”, getting beaten again?


Imagine getting your hands-on betting products that turn your hard work into consistent and permanent profits. As it turns out, we have a suite of betting tools & services available exclusively for our Members!

Expected Goals Data


The best traders in the world rely on Expected Goals data as it cuts through the noise and gives you a statistical view of a team’s performance few people ever see.

While everyone else remains attached to spurious data such as possession, you will know which teams are capable of performing better and which ones are already over performing. 




  • Have information at your fingertips that fewer than 5% of traders possess

  • Be able to differentiate between a performance and results

  • Identify when the market is over or underestimating a team’s ability based on results

  • Discover the teams with the greatest ability to improve in the short, medium and long-term.

Historical Data


We have opening & closing lines for every fixture in 12 leagues including English Premier League, La Liga and German Bundesliga; best of all, the data is available 24/7/365 so you’ll enjoy the following:


  • Statistics that help you uncover expected performance and grade it against actual performances.

  • Our closing line data helps you rate teams the right way and allows you to spot gaps in the market before anyone else.

  • Don’t risk a penny of your own cash; test the system before launching your assault on bookmakers and fellow traders.

Bet Ticker


How often have you heard about major players in the market scooping up a small fortune?

With our “Bet Ticker”, you’ll finally have the inside track on all the big market moves from around the world. While your rivals wait, you’ll be ready to pounce with a product that:




  • Gives you instant alerts when there is a big market move

  • Enables you to profit when the big syndicates flex their financial muscles

  • Ensures you only have the most relevant information to guarantee maximum value for every single bet.

Orio Supremacy Ratings


Our bespoke algorithm was 10 years in the making, and upon completion, it is one of the best football ratings models around. Savvy punters know that long-term profit is less to do

with winning percentage and more to do with maximising the Expected Value (EV) of every




  • You can price fixtures correctly and finally turn the tables on bookmakers and their built-in advantage (the overround)

  • You will consistently beat the markets, which lead to ROI you can take to the bank

  • This unique system is not available anywhere else online or offline


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Data coverage of 17 competition:

Argentina - Primera Division

Brazil - Serie A

China - Super League

England - Premier League

England - Championship

France - Ligue 1

Germany - Bundesliga

Germany - Bundesliga 2

Italy - Serie A

Netherlands - Eredivisie

Norway - Tippaligaen

Portugal - Primera

Russia - Premier League

Spain - Primera Division

Sweden - Allsvenskan

Turkey - Super Lig


Ratings for 9 competitions:

England - Premier League

England - Championship

England - League 1

England - League 2

France - Ligue 1

Germany - Bundesliga

Germany - Bundesliga 2

Netherlands - Eredivisie

Portugal - Primera

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