Our Partners

We have carefully selected a number of trusted partners whose services can enhance your betting and increase your profitability. All of these services can play an important part in your betting journey. Please note, you will never find us promoting a soft bookmaker that closes winning accounts and pays affiliates based on customer losses.

Asian Connect - Broker

If you are serious about your Football betting, you need to have an account with a reliable broker. We now use Asian Connect for a large proportion of our turnover and can thoroughly recommend them.


  • Over 10 years of reliable & trustworthy service. Brokers rely on their reputation to build and maintain their clientele. Asian Connect is arguably the leader in this space

  • All major Asian bookmakers are available through Asian Connect (including Singbet if you choose) ensuring you get best price execution and can maximise your EV

  • Great platform - really easy to use and allows for quick execution

  • Fast Payouts and Customer Service - their live chat have been excellent. This level of service is unrivalled, many brokers only service via Email.


  • Not available to US residents

  • Only Football & Basketball available (although more Sports are due to be added)

Having used most of the brokers on the market, we recommend Asian Connect as our preferred broker. 

OddsMonkey - Matched Betting

Matched betting is a great way to build your bankroll as you begin to take your betting more seriously. Oddsmonkey have the best site & software available, having recently integrated Exchange execution, a functionality exclusive to their software. We'd recommend check their site out if you are looking to build from a small bankroll and still have access to soft bookmaker accounts.


  • Great, easy to use software suitable for all levels of betting experience

  • Easy way to build a starting bankroll

  • Loads of features, daily offer tracker, accumlator matcher, each-way matcher 


  • You'll need some clean soft bookmaker accounts to maximise the value of Oddsmonkey

  • You will likely end up restricted on these accounts at some point

If you are making progress with your betting, but struggling to build a bankroll to maximise your returns, matched betting with Oddsmonkey is perfect for you.

Visit Oddsmonkey now to start building your bankroll 


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